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Initially this name was SYED ABBAS AKHTAR NAQVI, which suggests that I belonged to an upper class family of Muslim SADATS. Personally I never liked to be proud of my family status because in my opinion a person is recognised by his own performances during his life and the persons being proud of their family's status generally live in false paradise. My this very nature encouraged me to delete the symbols of my family's status and as a aresult I removed SYED from one end of my name and NAQVI from the other thus I became ABBAS AKHTAR only. I am happy enough to feel that my present name gave me name and fame both at various stages of my life. I was famous in Railways during my service period and equally popular even after my retirement. During 38 years of my services I was rewarded 27 times by the Railway authorities. These rewards include four awards at Head of Department level and one, the highest GENERAL MANAGER award. After my retirement, my this very name became more popular for writing articles in urdu News Paper Daily Aag.

I was born in a family of inter national fame in the year 1939. This family of LUCKNOW is known as Khandan-E-Ijtihad, and consists of renowned religious leaders (ULEMAS) at one end and world fame urdu poets (SHAYARS) at the other. Because of being related to this family, I got my primary education at an arabic college and studied there upto MAULVI. During Zamindari period my family was well established and we were passing our lives with all sorts of happiness and wealth. After an untimely death of my father and undesired abolition of Zamindari, suddenly the position of my family was changed and we were brought down from sky to earth. The fate of the family was completely reversed and the persons living with happiness and wealth were forced to have the taste of poverty and all the wealthy facilities were snatched from our hands. As the circumstances were completely reversed, my guardians took a wise decision of shifting me from Madrasa to college for my better education. I was popular during my college life also because I got top position at every examination I appeared. The High School result was more astonishing for every body because there was only one boy standing First in the college and that boy was me. During my graduation, I appeared in Railway's all India competition only to test my abilities but fortunately or unfortunately I was selected in that copetition. It was fortunate for my family because it was passing through hard days but unfortunate for me because it was forcing me to leave my education. No doubt, I had no intention to join the Railways but had to be knelt before the desires of my family because in their opinion it was not easy for anybody to get Railway services so easily. Thus I joined Railways in the year 1963 under the pressure of my family and remained there till 2002.

After five years of my Railway training I got married in the year 1969. GOD has gifted me with three daughters and I am thankful to Him for so precious gifts as in fact I had no desire to have sons in my life. No doubt, my wife was madly desirous of having sons but my thinking was completely against her because I never liked to be dependent upon BUDHAPE KI LATHIS. In my opinion, at present time sons get higher education and ultimately go to foreign countries wherever they get a job of their choice. Hence, the BUDHAPA remains at its own DESH and the LATHIS go to VIDESH. Respecting my desires of having no son the GOD has futther gifted me with well mannered sons in laws in liau of my own sons and today I am having six LATHIS instead of one or few.

By nature: I am a delicated heart man having sympathies with down trodden people. I never liked to hurt anybody and even a single bird was never killed by me. During my childhood my colleagues were habitual of capturing birds and confining them in small cages. Personally I never liked their action and whenever I found an oppurtunity I used to open the door of the cage and let the birds fly. No one of my colleagues could ever know that the person responsible for opening the door was me because my this action was very quietly and stealthily done.