From the early childhood I had a deep interest in the subject of Art & Crafts. From the early stage of my life I used to see various figures hidden behind the broken plasters of a wall and always tried to get them highlighted by outlining them with the help of a coal piece. People were astonished to see my art because they never believed that such figures of men and animals could have been hiding behind the broken plasters. My pencil work is also classic and whichever portrait I draw is worthseen. People looking at my work are generally deceived as they feel it to be a photograph snapped from a camera. I draw my sketches, not only by black pencils but also by coloured ones. There are many artists who used to work with black pencils but I have never seen any artist working with coloured pencils as colour mixing and shading by coloured pencils is not an easy job. This art in me is God gifted and I can truly claim myself to be it's real inventor.

I have an additional ability to construct models of any type of building with the help of card board or thermocol exactly to its original shape. It is wonderful to note that I do my Art & craft work without any training and complete my work to perfection in first attempt. During my service period I was awrded many times for my Art & Craft work by the Railway authorities. During any function of Railways I used to decorate the floor with various type of designs with the help of coloured saw dust. A design, in which I decorated the floor with an Indian map alongwith a face of Lal Bahadur Shastri, was appreciated by everyone arriving at the function. Even the General Manager of N.E. Railway patted at me and sanctioned an on the spot award for me.

In short, God has gifted me with many qualities and I use them time to time at various stages of my life, sometimes for others and sometimes for my own satisfaction.