As I had an interest in Art & literature from the early child hood, I published a weekly magazine, naming X-RAY at an early stage of my life. The magazine, as its name suggests was full of forceful articles hitting criticisely the social evils prevailing throughout the country with a sweet dose of amusement. Even the HAZALS were included in place of GHAZALS to make the people laugh. In a short time, the magazine became popular because it had every material of public interest. Initially, I began to write various columns in my own magazine and all of my columns got appreciation from every corner of the country. 'Film Review', 'Gustakhi Maaf ', 'Sawal Jawab' and 'Hairan Hoon ke Do Aankhon Se Kya Kya Dekhoon' were the most popular columns of the magazine and fortunately all of them were written by me. Unfortunately the publication of that magazjne was stopped because I had to leave Lucknow to join my Railway services. As Art & Literature was the subject of my interest, I restarted my leftover literary work after my retirement but it remained confined to my files because I had no contact with any magazine or News paper. The administration of Daily Aag had a plan to introduce Urdu Cross Word in Sunday Aag. Many people tried to compile the cross word but failed. Ultimately the Editor Sunday Aag contacted me for its compiling as he knew my abilities from the time of X-Ray. The cross word, naming 'Zehni Mashq' was compiled by me and was appreciated by all. In this way I got an oppurtunity to enter the News paper. Gradually the popularity of the cross word increased and ultimately my name was recognised by the readers. Feeling the interest of the people, I introduced 'Gustakhi Maaf ', based upon the comments over the headings of News papers. Very quickly this column also became popular amongst readers. This encouraged me to introduce 'Jawb Haazir Hai' at my own initiative. This column involved the people with it because it was based upon Sawals from readers and Jawabs from me and thus became more popular than earlier ones. I was happy enough to feel that people were liking me but my main intention of writing articles was still not fulfilled because I was not getting oppurtunity due to lack of space in Sunday Aag. Ultimately I contacted the Editor and asked him to stop the cross word and allot me that space for my articles. He was hesitant at that stage because he never felt that my articles could do any magic. Hesitantly he accepted my request, the cross word was stopped and the vacated space was alloted to me for my articles.In this way my desires of writing articles was fulfilled and I began to write articles of my choice.

At present my column, 'ANDAZ-E-BAYAN AUR' is the most popular column of Sunday Aag. For one week readers eagerly wait for this column and preferably read it first. This column is equally appreciated in INDIA as well as abroad.